How to Buy Amazon Returns in 2022 (Expert Guide)

The number of online shoppers worldwide rises by the day. Many online shopping sites, such as Amazon, offer flexible return policies, which are very convenient. However, sometimes they return the purchased goods, and customer returns are a nightmare for every seller.

But one’s misfortune is another’s fortune, and this is when you come in. Maybe you’re a reseller, wondering how to buy Amazon returns. Then let this post be your knight in shining armor!

Why Would You Buy Amazon Returns?

Buying Amazon return pallets is a good decision for several reasons. First, if you want to start a reseller business or you already own one, buying Amazon bulk pallets at rock-bottom prices is an excellent way to build up your inventory or expand your stock.

You can get many different products at hugely discounted prices. Clothing, cosmetics, and electronics, you can sell various products or focus on one category depending on your clients’ needs.

Finally, the reputation of resale companies is on the rise, and purchasing returned goods on Amazon is a chance you don’t want to miss.

Where do Amazon Returns Go?

In the US, almost half of the reseller businesses offer a free returns shipping policy, and about 30% of products bought online get returned. One part either gets returned to the physical stores or Amazon warehouses.

In many cases, the returns aren’t put back on virtual shelves because it takes a lot of time and money for inspection and repacking.

So when there’s an extra overstock, for instance, as a result of holiday specials, those returns are brought together into large pallets of inventory and available to be sold again.

That is an excellent chance for resellers to buy, for instance, an Amazon liquidation box that the company wants to liquidate at a very affordable price.

And one more thing, not all of the products are returned because they’re damaged. Sometimes, online shoppers simply don’t need the purchased item anymore.

Many returns are brand new, which is an excellent opportunity to get high-quality products at accessible and affordable prices.

Where Are Amazon Returns Sold?

If you’re wondering how to buy bulk Amazon returns, surely you first want to know where you can find them. It can be quite a challenge for a small or medium-sized buyer to purchase returned goods directly from the manufacturer or the retailer.

That’s why the most convenient option to buy Amazon overstock pallets is through liquidation companies.

On their websites, you can find a list of the vendors. If you want your resale business to succeed, you must be fully prepared and do thorough research. You should look for a trusted and reliable seller when looking for a source.

Carefully read the customer reviews and pay attention to what other resellers say about their experience. Also, you can gather additional information, such as the quality of the products and services the company offers, to get further insight into the company’s reputation.

Many good liquidation companies run online Amazon auctions for returned goods or excess inventory or sell them at fixed prices. Below you can find four of the top liquidation and clearance companies in the US.

How to buy returns from Amazon through Direct Liquidation

Type: Auctions


  • Buy Now price on certain items
  • A 90-day warranty for brand new and refurbished stock 
  • The customer can provide or arrange the shipping

Direct Liquidation sales liquidation stock from over 100 different categories through online auctions. This company refurbishes shelf-pulls, overstock, or end-of-life products to the manufacturers’ standards.

If you want to bid, all you have to do is register and create a user account for free. All the auctions include manifests with descriptions of the products and other helpful information. The products that are brand new or refurbished come with a 90-day warranty.

How to buy cheap Amazon returns through BULQ

Type: Fixed price and auctions


  • New inventory posted online three times a day
  • Products sold at fixed prices or through auction
  • Flat rate shipping fees

BULQ works with some of the best retailers and suppliers in the US. The new liquidation stock is posted online three times a day. Some products are sold at fixed prices, and you can’t negotiate, while there’re 48-hour auctions for others.

Although registration isn’t required to make purchases, you need to have a BULQ account. In addition, this company requests resale certificates from all buyers. Moreover, it charges a flat shipping fee of $30 per case.

How to buy pallets of Amazon returns through

Type: Auctions


  • Buy now option
  • Transactions over $5,000 must be paid by wire transfer
  • The customer can provide or arrange the shipping offers online auctions to sell surplus lots by truckload, pallet, or box. You can purchase electronics, household items,  industrial equipment, and even vehicles, either new or refurbished.

There’re new auctions every day, and you’re given the option to bypass the auction and purchase the items right away. To start bidding on Amazon pallets, you need to register as a buyer.

How to buy a box of Amazon returns through BoxFox

Type: Auctions

  • Only new merchandise available
  • Inventory is shipped directly from the seller to the customer
  • Mobile app available

BoxFox sells clearance stock directly from retailers. To start making purchases, all you need to do is download the mobile app and join for free. The app also comes in handy if you want to check on auctions on the go.

Bear in mind that BoxFox only sells excess inventory and not returns from customers. Each liquidation product has an appraisal value, and you can bid above or below this amount. Moreover, you have the opportunity to calculate profit potential by using the provided tools.

Are All Categories of Amazon Return Pallets Available for Resale?

You can easily purchase most of Amazon’s products for resale through liquidation companies by searching their websites. Some websites offer different categories of products, while others focus on specific product segments.

Not all companies provide the same Amazon auction pallets. If you’ve already decided whether you want to specialize in reselling pallets, you need to do thorough research to obtain the ones that’ll fit your stock needs.

Is Buying Amazon Return Pallets Worth It?

Amazon return auctions are a great way to purchase bulk pallets at a lesser cost. You can often purchase pallets at very low prices since they’re overstocked or partially used.

If you’re looking to strengthen your organization and find an affordable option to stock on supplies, learn how to buy a pallet of Amazon returns, and be sure you won’t regret it. In addition, if you want to find out more about the returns, carefully read Amazon’s return policy.

What You Need to Know When Buying Amazon Returns

There are a few things you need to pay close attention to before buying Amazon returns. First of all, make sure to make purchases for reputable liquidation companies.

Then, do some research check as many websites as you can to find the best place to buy Amazon return pallets. In that way, your resale business will include only high-quality products that aren’t damaged.

How Items are Sold

You purchase Amazon unclaimed items or products through liquidation in bulk, which can be from one to two pallets or 10-12 pallets in an LTL (less than truckload).

Remember, you’ll get bigger discounts on larger orders. In addition, you can buy the items at fixed prices or through an online auction.

Concerning the Amazon truckloads, there’re four main types:

  • Large products: 26 tall pallets, mostly of bulk items, such as TVs, large equipment,  furniture, etc. Suitable choice for larger retail stores.
  • Small products: small merchandise items, such as valuable designer sunglasses or watches, jewelry, accessories, electronics. Suitable choice for bin stores and online sales.
  • High Retail: 26 pallets with the most popular products for resale in lower quantities. These lots include the best-selling products from Amazon. Suitable choice for online sellers that want quick turnover. Your turnover may be quick but with less profit potential.
  • Clothing: 26 pallets that contain up to 1,200 clothing items and accessories, such as handbags, belts, scarves, etc. Suitable choice for resellers that focus on clothing and buyers that resell overseas.

Set Your Filters to the Inventory You Want

When you’re searching for auctions, you have the opportunity to filter through various conditions and product types. For instance, you can browse dot com returns or oversupply.

Moreover, some filters can help you see if your selected product is new, damaged, or if there’re accessories included. Also, you can purchase an Amazon mystery pallet, which is full of surprises.

To learn more about how to buy Amazon returns pallet, here’s another tip: find out more about the condition codes.

Manifests are Your Best Friend

Buyers must get information about the products they want to obtain. If there’s an auction manifest, make sure that you read it carefully.

A manifest is a document that contains details about the inventory included, such as description, model, brand, sub-category, quantity, etc.

A detailed manifest will bring the store to you since you can’t physically inspect the inventory.

Register for the Liquidation Auctions

If you’re wondering how to buy Amazon returns, you can start by registering for Amazon Liquidation Auctions. First, you’ll need to submit a reseller certificate form to register. Then, you can begin bidding on inventory once your application is approved.

Calculate Your Costs

Before you start purchasing Amazon liquidation items, first make sure to check essential information, such as shipping costs. Also, you can determine the desired profit that you want to make and always pay attention to the bid and ask prices since the price can be a sensitive issue.

Be careful, don’t damage your business to avoid problems in the future. Making a profit is every reseller’s goal.


How much does it cost to buy an Amazon return pallet?

If you’re purchasing a bulk pallet, the prices range from $1,000 to $6,999 depending on the quality of the products and the market value. In addition, some pallets may cost up to $10,000.

However, maybe you’ll have the chance to purchase one at a lower cost depending on the number of other bids and the auction duration.

Where does Amazon sell their returns?

In general, Amazon returns are mostly sold on websites of liquidation companies. In most cases, Amazon doesn’t put the returns back on virtual shelves.

However, in case of oversupply, for example, as a result of special offers, the returns are brought together into large pallets of inventory.

Does Amazon have an auction site?

Amazon has launched an online auction site, where the buyers are guaranteed a safe auction experience. The Auctions Guarantee covers purchases of up to $250 if the buyer doesn’t get the merchandise that the seller promised.

You can find further information on the website and get more familiar with the auction process.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned how to buy Amazon returns, you’re ready to make money. First, do a lot of research and play smart.

Then, expand your business by selling Amazon returns and offering products that your customers would love. Happy customers are every reseller’s dream. We hope our article will help you make yours come true.

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