How to Get Free Clothes and Freshen Up Your Wardrobe in 2024

Whether we like it or not, we need clothing every day. For many people, buying clothes is a massive part of their budget, while for others, it is just a necessity. Either way, most of them definitely love getting clothes for free, but not many know how to achieve that. Read on to find out how to get free clothes, and believe it or not, there are many ways to do that.

Refer-a-Friend Programs

If you have been wondering how to get free clothes online without paying, one of the easiest ways is to join referral programs from online clothing stores.

The best thing about this is that both you and your friends and family will benefit from this since when they click on the link that you shared and purchase something, you will get a referral credit you can use on some future purchases. Take a look at some of the popular sites:

Rue La La

Rue La La is an online boutique that offers a discount of up to 70% on clothes with brand names. The boutique features designer clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, and there is a free clothes app you could use for a better experience. More importantly, it gives everyone a chance to get free clothes whenever another shopper checks out with their link on their first purchase.

Since you will get a $10 referral credit with each shopper, and there is no limitation to the number of shoppers you can invite, you have a chance to earn significant credits.

Stitch Fix

If you are looking for a personal styling program that sends clothes to your door, Stitch Fix has got you covered. With over a thousand top brands, this site features individual fashion styles for everyone. 

But, if you want to make the most out of it, you can start earning credits by participating in its refer-a-friend program and getting free designer clothes. The more people you successfully invite, the more credits you get to cover the cost of your shipments.


When it comes to ways to get free clothes, we should also mention ThredUP, an online marketplace that boasts not one but two of them. Not only does it feature a refer-a-friend program for free clothes, but it also gives shoppers a chance to sell their unwanted clothes using the website. 


If you think you can’t rely on your friends and family to click on that link and help you get some free credits or free clothes vouchers, you can try another method and simply answer some surveys from the following companies.


Swagbucks is one of those popular online platforms that offer a wide variety of ways to help those customers who wonder how to get free clothes online.

Besides asking its customers to test new products, watch videos, and play games online, this platform also offers tasks like completing surveys that will earn you points you can later turn into cash or gift cards.

Survey Junkie

If you love sharing your opinion and want to know how to get free clothes to review, maybe Survey Junkie can help you with its offer for surveys completed on its site. 

This market research site gets paid by brands to get feedback from consumers, while it pays virtual points for every survey conducted. What’s more, the points may vary depending on the type and the length of the survey.

Loyalty Programs

If you wonder how to get free clothes from stores, many of them have fantastic loyalty programs to join and earn points you can later use to get free clothes or use them for free shipping or exclusive discounts. Some recent data on branding showed that new generations find brand loyalty extremely important, but to stay loyal to a brand, they surely need to get something in return.

Everyone can join the program, and once they do that, they will be given a credit or debit card where they collect their points by showing the card with each purchase.

Set a Clothing Swap

If you have an entire closet of clothes that are in good shape, but you can’t or don’t want to wear anymore, and you also have no problem wearing secondhand clothes, you can get involved in clothes swapping that has become more popular in recent years. These are some of the places to get free clothes and get your wardrobe an update by giving away some of yours:


This is a free site everyone can use to swap their clothes with other members, while the only thing you need to pay is your own shipping. Rehash allows its users to list the clothes, shoes, and accessories they want to swap and give specifics about what they are looking for. Note that the clothes have to be in excellent condition.

Craigslist and Freecycle

Believe it or not, Craigslist is one of the most popular sites globally, as it has given its users a chance to grab various free stuff for decades. Although this online network is divided into several sections, we will only focus on how to get free clothes.

To do so, you need to navigate to the free clothing section, and once you find something you want, message the poster and send your interest. Don’t be afraid of getting faulty clothes as people often give away women’s, men’s, and baby clothes just to make room in their wardrobe.

Furthermore, the site will use your IP address to determine your approximate location and immediately direct you to your local Craigslist domain.

If you are only interested in a free clothes giveaway, there is Freecycle, an online network that is similar to Craiglist, except for the fact that everything listed on it must be given away for free. 

Start a Fashion Blog

Nowadays, one of the most efficient ways of promoting clothes is through blogs. Brands are often willing to give bloggers free items in exchange for reviews on their blogs since, according to some statistics, approximately 93% of customers agree that reviews influence purchases.

So, if you love getting dressed up, have a unique sense of style and a knack for writing, and wonder how to get free clothes for Instagram, you can start building up your blog and getting complimentary clothing items.

As opposed to the examples mentioned above, this is a long-term plan, but it’s also a way to get more clothes. You can also use affiliate links to promote your favorite products and earn a commission.

Enter Giveaways

Another way to use your social media accounts and get free clothes is to enter a free clothing giveaway. Just start following apparel companies’ accounts and wait for their giveaways since all types of brands, whether they are big or small, use giveaways to promote their products.

Visit Free Clothing Closets

Clothing closets are mainly aimed at those who struggle financially, prioritizing children, the elderly, single moms, babies, and the working poor. These clothing banks give free clothes and rely on community contributions and donations while working closely with local thrift stores. 

You can find free clothes, including T-shirts, winter jackets, work uniforms, shoes, socks, and more. Some popular non-profit organizations include Community Clothes Closet, The Salvation Army, and Operation Warm.

Become a Product Tester

If you want to know how to get free clothes from companies, you need to realize that customer feedback is essential for both companies and brands, so you can choose to become a product tester and help them with that while getting to wear some of their clothing items.

Many companies value an opinion from an ordinary consumer, as it helps them improve their products and ultimately make more money. They will give you free clothes samples to wear, and after you send your feedback, you may be allowed to keep the products for yourself.

Note that athletic brands are most likely to have these programs since they need to have their clothes tested by consumers and determine whether they are practical and endurable. One of the most popular brands that do this regularly is Nike, so if you are curious how to get free clothes from Nike, this is the safest way.

Visit Garage or Yard Sales 

According to some data on the fashion industry, people keep their clothes for half as long compared to the previous years. This is one of the reasons why some of them decide to organize yard or garage sales.

Besides getting some clothes in pristine condition for a low price, you can also grab some free clothes and shoes. When people in your neighborhood hold garage or yard sales, they’ll probably do away with stuff they don’t sell once the sale is over, and there’s your chance to get some clothes completely free of charge.

If you are unsure where to find a garage sale, you can use Garage Sale Finder or search for community groups in Facebook Groups and see all of the sales happening near you.


When we decided to check how to get free clothes, we knew there were many ways to do that but didn’t know there were so many. So, whether you prefer to do it old school and visit garage or yard sales, or you are ready to wait longer and get free samples by blogging or product testing, you have various options to choose from!

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