27 Unbelievable Reddit Statistics for 2023

One of the most popular websites nowadays is Reddit. The platform made for people to discuss topics of all kinds and to rate different content is the perfect place for people to gather, comment, and share opinions. 

Reddit statistics show that the website is gaining more and more popularity, as well as more and more trust among users, i.e. Redditors.

Since people can use Reddit whether registered or just visiting, the website is appealing and approachable.

Top 10 Reddit Statistics

General Reddit Stats 

Reddit, being one of the most popular internet platforms, deserves a lot of attention. After all, the website has named itself “the front page of the internet.”

When such huge popularity is taken into account, it’s easier to understand the following numbers and percentages.

1. The most common reasons people use Reddit are entertainment (72% of users) and news (43%). 


The third most common reason people use Reddit is to follow brands (17%).

They also use the website to strengthen their professional network (8%) and to stay in touch with family and friends (5%).

2. Of all internet users, 6% of adults use Reddit. 

(Pew Research Center)

Even though Reddit is popular among people of all ages and genders, there are still groups that stand out when it comes to using Reddit. 

Namely, however diverse the Reddit user demographics are, men aged between 18 and 29 are the most common users. Second place is taken by men as well, but this time they’re in the 30–49 age group. 

Meanwhile, women in both of these age groups use Reddit more rarely.

3. Reddit counts over 2,620,000 subreddits.


Reddit users can create subreddits, which serve as platforms for people to discuss certain topics. 

They can also link posts or create new posts. Statistics about Reddit show that the number of subreddits has been continually growing since 2008.

On average, 60,251 subreddits are added each month, potentially making 2020 a milestone for the most subreddits created in a year.

4. Reddit is estimated to reach 29.8 million mobile users in the US in 2022.


With more and more people using Reddit, the website is significantly expanding.

According to Reddit user stats, the number of mobile users in the US in 2019 was 19.3 million. This number has seen near-constant growth. 

5. Reddit had 250 employees in 2017.


Reddit launched in June 2005. Over more than a decade, the website has seen some impressive results. At the beginning of 2017, Reddit had 140 employees. 

By the end of the year, the company had almost doubled its number of employees, proving that not only is the company in great hands but also that progress is being made rapidly.

Demographics of Reddit Users

Reddit is a world-renowned website, used by people from many different countries. 

Thanks to its interesting and engaging content, people—regardless of their gender, age group, education, or occupation—can find something they like on Reddit. Here’s the data showing who uses Reddit the most.

6. 70% of Reddit users are English-speaking. 

(Search Engine Journal)

Reddit is a website used globally.

Nevertheless, communication is facilitated on the site thanks to the fact that two-thirds of Reddit users speak English. This mostly comes from the fact that more than half of Redditors are in the US. 

7. 49.91% of Reddit users come from the United States.  


The United Kingdom is the second on the list, but there’s a huge difference in its percentage of Redditors.

Namely, the UK counts only 7.91% of users. According to Reddit demographics, the third country on the list is Canada (7.49%), followed by Australia (3.94%) and Germany (3.2%). 

8. 12% of Reddit users in the United States were Hispanic in 2016.


As a rule, Reddit’s ethnicity-based demographics fall in closely with general US demographics.

White non-Hispanic Americans came in at 70% of the site’s users, while black non-Hispanic Americans made up 7% of Reddit’s base.

9. Only 1% of women over 65 use Reddit. 

(Pew Research Center)

Reddit account stats show that the male population is dominant on Reddit in all age groups. When it comes to men over 65, 3% of them use Reddit. 

A similar situation is seen in users between 50 and 64. Namely, men in this age group make up 3% of the total, while women make up 2%.

Reddit User Behavior Stats

Redditors have a lot of options on the website. They can read posts and watch videos without being registered at all. 

If they’re registered users, they can also just watch and read the content, but they can also create their own posts or communities, allowing them to express how they feel about a certain topic.

10. Reddit was visited 1.5 billion times in May 2020.


Some pieces of information when it comes to the Reddit traffic stats are impressive.

During the second half of 2019, visits to Reddit were within the range of 1.2 or 1.4 billion. The number of visits Reddit received in January 2020 was even higher than February’s numbers: 1.4 billion.

11. 12.4% of internet users treat Reddit as their primary social media platform for COVID-19 news.


During the COVID-19 outbreak, people have mostly looked for news online.

Facebook is the social media platform used by the largest percentage of people to inform themselves on the latest news related to the coronavirus, taking up 35.8% of the total. 

The second most-used platform is Twitter, the third, YouTube, and Reddit takes up fourth place on the list.

12. Only 22.6% of users stated that Reddit has influenced their mental health positively during the coronavirus outbreak.


The demographics of Reddit visitors show that people of all ages, genders, and occupations are active Redditors. They post, share, and comment on a variety of topics on this platform. 

However, of those who’ve used it to learn news about the pandemic, only 57.6% of users stated that their mental health declined.

13.  1.7 billion comments in total have been made on Reddit.


When it comes to Reddit, some interesting facts note that Reddit reached up to 430 million monthly active users in 2019. 

The total number of posts made on this platform by the end of 2019 was 199 million. Clearly, most Redditors are active commentators.  

14. Mobile users spend 30% more time on Reddit than desktop users.

(Digital Trends)

Even though the Reddit app was launched not so long ago, since April 2016, the app has grown impressively. 

In 2018, 41% of the time spent on Reddit came from mobile phones. Nowadays, the Reddit stats on user traffic prove that people prefer spending their time online on a mobile device

Reddit Post Stats

Different content calls for different reactions. On Reddit, users can express their opinion in two ways. They can either upvote/downvote a post or they can comment on it. 

Here’s some data that sheds light on the kind of content people like to see on Reddit.

15. Posts with questions receive twice as many comments as regular posts.


When using Reddit, people can turn to upvotes, clicks, and comments. Depending on the type of content, people can expect different results. 

For example, Reddit post stats show that when posts don’t include questions, the chances of them attracting comments are significantly decreased.

16.  Meanwhile, posts presented as statements receive the most upvotes.


Reddit gives people a chance to show how they feel about a certain topic. They can upvote the content they like and downvote the content they don’t. 

On average, posts with questions receive approximately 1,000 fewer upvotes than the ones that have no question.

17. The top Reddit posts are the ones with titles between 60 and 80 characters.


Among other Reddit stats, this one may be the most interesting.

It’s been shown that posts on Reddit with titles that are too short or too long receive fewer upvotes. Posts under 20 characters and those over 120 ranked worst.  

18. The most popular subreddit has 93,762,554 subscribers.

(Metrics for Reddit)

The /r/announcements subreddit was created in 2009. It was trending for the first time in 2013 and then again in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. 

The second most popular subreddit is /r/funny, with 35,734,343 subscribers.

While /r/announcements has on average 124,090 new monthly subscribers, /r/funny has 8,592, according to the latest data.

19. The /r/aww subreddit has more than 16 million subscribers.

(The Outline)

The subreddit stats show what kind of content people are most interested in. For every cuteness lover, there’s a perfect online space where they can find their share of it. 

For instance, people can share content they find adorable on this platform, learn more about pets, or just enjoy watching some quality content. 

20. Game of Thrones was Reddit’s most discussed TV show in 2019.

(Reddit Blog)

According to the Reddit facts, Redditors have closely followed the global trend and phenomenon, the show Game of Thrones.

When it comes to the most-discussed movies in 2019, Joker was number one, followed by Captain Marvel, Aquaman, and Aladdin.

21.  In 2019, technology-related Reddit communities had over 284 million monthly views. 

(Reddit Blog) 

With over 27 million monthly visitors and over 23 million subscribers, these communities are among the most popular on Reddit. 

Users make up to approximately 253,000 posts per month. The commentators are active as well, posting up to 2.92 million comments per month.

22. Reddit’s largest men’s fashion community has 2.4 million members.

(Reddit, Reddit Blog)

Reddit fun facts usually have to do with subreddits and communities. Of all Redditors, 56 million are fashionistas. 

Everyone interested in fashion industry trends or any other aspect of fashion can find what they need in communities like these.  

Fun Facts About Reddit

When a platform is so visited and talked about, it has to be followed with many fun facts. From the average time people spend on Reddit to the most discussed name on the website in a year, everything is fun to learn.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about Reddit.

23. On average, people spend over 15 minutes daily on Reddit. 


While many people use Reddit to post content, most use it to browse the network.

When it comes to the fun facts related to Reddit, it’s interesting that approximately 15 minutes a day is enough for them to check their favorite subreddits. 

24. Bill Gates’s AMA was the most upvoted one in 2019 with 110,000 upvotes. 

(Reddit Blog)

People can easily interact on Reddit using AMAs. AMAs are the best way to start a discussion on the website. 

Also in 2019, the Cookie Monster’s AMA had 75,500 upvotes, making it a distant second to Bill Gates. Everyone else followed with an insignificant difference in upvotes. 

25. In 2019, Jack was the most discussed name in parenting communities. 

(Reddit Blog)

When it comes to the weird facts about Reddit, you’ll find a ton.

Speaking of this one, the second name on the list was Charlotte, the third was Olivia, the fourth Finn, and the fifth one was a tie between Theodore and Felix. 

The brands most discussed among parents on Reddit in 2019 were Pampers, Huggies, and Britax. 

26. The atheism subreddit is the 56th most popular one on the platform. 


When people register on Reddit, their religious affiliation is nowhere stated.

Since it isn’t easy to determine the exact percentage of each religion’s adherents, the only way to learn more about this topic is by taking a look at the subreddits. 

The Christianity subreddit has 144,000 subscribers, while atheism has 2.1 million. Buddhism has 135,000 subscribers on its subreddit, and Islam counts approximately 50,000 subscribers.

Judaism (21,000) and Hinduism (18,000) have the fewest subscribers, according to subreddit statistics. 

27. As of February 2019, Reddit was valued at $3 billion.


Tencent Holding Ltd. made an investment of $150 million, which allowed the company to raise $300 million. Besides Tencent Holding Ltd., Sequoia Capital and Fidelity were among the investors.

According to CNBC, Reddit’s average revenue per user is far less than that of Twitter and Facebook.


How many subreddits are there?

There are 138,000 subreddits.

How much is Reddit worth?

Reddit’s worth is estimated at $3 billion at the end of 2020.

Who uses Reddit the most?

Reddit is the most popular among younger generations. Most Redditors are aged 25–29.

How many users did Reddit have in 2020?

Reddit has 52 million daily users.

When did Reddit become popular?

Reddit used to get regular traffic from a tech-oriented crowd and the 4 chan crowd that liked posting funny pictures anonymously.

However, the fall of Digg (a link aggregator website) was the tipping point for Reddit’s incredible popularity.


Reddit is a website used all over the globe. As these Reddit statistics show, it’s one of the most popular social networks out there. 

Whether you want to learn something new, share your opinion, discuss interesting or unusual topics, or just enjoy the company of other Redditors, the vast community is bound to make you feel welcome. 


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