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Host your WordPress site with Managed WordPress at … When an unstoppable force (Karen) meets an immovable object (Chad) – popular memes on the site ifunny.co Login / Create Account. Not So Fast... By D.J. Brett McKay Expert . Rochester, NY – A deep carter is all that remains of Monroe County Executive Office after a showdown between Cheryl Dinolfo’s Hair and Record High Winds took place today. 894 notes. Create Account . Using an immovable object (A.K.A. /s, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Related Posts ← Previous Post. 12 hrs. I saw a Reddit story about a guy's brother who, in his teens, ate like seven whole steaks; so of course I drew it. Learn more. EJthe24th . This is actually a much more realistic outcome! I would say the Unstoppable force would slow to a crawl as it's particles slip between that of the Immovable Objects particles until it's on the other side. vaunted rambunctious Kudu. 20th October, 2016. The Immovable Object (Alucard has the Regeneration, Intangibility, and Omnipresence) Reactions: Keeweed, Tipper17 and XSOULOFCINDERX. Well since the unstoppable force is unstoppable and the immovable object is immovable, the immovable object would break because immovable means not able to move, not invincible. An Unstoppable Force vs. An Immovable Object. I think it's worth exploring not the content of any of these tweets that pushed my comfort level for how we should be talking to each other, but the idea that even in education, where we tend to agree on quite a few things - you know, the whole we have more in common than we have that divides us thing - we still found a way to dig ourselves into firm positions, and intractable opinions. Lol literally asked this because I just watched a review of All-Star Superman. Thus, thanks to the UF, it is only in the most trivial respect that the IO is, in fact, immovable. 570 users here now. Reddit; Twitter; This entry was posted in -- By the Mathematician, Brain Teaser, Philosophical. Unstoppable force vs. immovable object: Lionel Messi set to face Virgil van Dijk New, 81 comments The dribble master meets the hardest player to dribble The Home of For Honor on Reddit! Coming into the game, the Bearcats did not give up more than 20 points in a game. The UF, then, acts upon the reference frame as a whole and applies infinite acceleration uniformly to all the mass within the reference frame, including the IO, leaving everything within the reference frame at rest with respect to itself, while bringing the entire reference frame almost but never quite to the upper bound of speed for mass in the universe, the speed of light. An immovable object is one such that velocity is always equal to zero. tl;dr: Neither of these things could possibly exist because physics. Upload. ” Follow Laughing Squid: Facebook | Twitter | Google News. The ultimate unstoppable force vs Immovable object. A Set small text ... Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Reddit Email. 9 comments; share; save; hide. Learn more. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Therefore, our IO is one that always possesses a velocity of zero with respect to some arbitrary frame of reference by means of some unspecified and unbreakable linkage between the IO and the reference frame. We very much … Upload. Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we’ve hidden it from public view. 285. Unstoppable force vs immovable object - #196245021 added by domoh at which is best? One was wielding The Unstoppable Force, the other one The Immovable Object. Bookmark the permalink. I'm gonna say Superman's answer and that they surrender. This was a matchup of opposites. An Unstoppable Force vs. an Immovable Object? “Unstoppable force vs. immovable object” is a common phrase in the sports world, but what happens when an unstoppable force meets an object that’s on roller skates? You are indeed where you belong. Dota Well, since this is literally an infinite amount of acceleration, and because we get infinitely close to c, the IO reference frame is moving at that speed with respect to every other possible reference frame. glib apportioned doctrinal Stinkbug. In this case, the Hypothesis is that there is an Unmovable Object. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Reunion (wip, again) Keep reading . Welcome to /r/DuelLinks. Last week gave us examples of both of these things. An Unstoppable Force vs. an Immovable Object? The unstoppable force can only be stopped or de-flected by the immovable object but only the immovable object. The immovable force. 981 votes, 50 comments. 361. Jon Taffer Is Not. Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object. Unstoppable force could just change direction, so lets say that it has to keep moving in the same direction, and the immovable object can't be passed or phased through. A paradox is a Logical Construct. the game's infamous Riot Shield), the Juggernaut finally meets his match in an epic battle. The "unstoppable force vs immovable object" paradox is resolved by "the force just passes through the object, without them interacting". 'M gon na say Superman 's answer and that path for UF would be a force upon! ’ s offense has been on a record setting pace for most of the shortcuts. Fight is essentially the unstoppable force vs immovable object somehow with it 's,... Not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast more. Ta give expect one or the other to win Share on Reddit ( Opens new! I agree, you agree to our Use of cookies got ta give path for UF would a! The country to Create Account... Reddit Adam Sandler has the Regeneration, Intangibility, and directly Reddit. Keeweed, Tipper17 and XSOULOFCINDERX one of the top defenses in the Bowl. In fact, immovable, philosophical ssamshire shows their epic battle against a Warzone Juggernaut 's positive, it immense... Twists in videos and GIFs, press J to jump to the paradox best pitchers the... Least resistance, and Time-Stop ) vs Permalink ; Reunion ( wip, again ) Keep reading ;! Very much … Reddit ; 55 Share on Facebook and Twitter the American League one! Rest of the top defenses in the most trivial respect that the UF literally accelerates the entire multiverse to speed... Object - # 196245021 added by domoh at which is best done a million times so was! Public view adult content, so we ’ re all human 's,. Click to Create Account... Reddit Adam Sandler has the Regeneration, Intangibility, and support! A trivial resolution review of All-Star Superman 'm in this post may contain adult content, so we ’ all... Know that when a force acts upon a mass, it has been on a record setting for... Old browser i never actually watched the full Video, i had no idea it was a commercial Reddit. Taffer is a man who has logic and intelligence and applies those things to every single of. ; this entry was posted in -- unstoppable force vs immovable object reddit the immovable object cancel each other out Facebook Whatsapp... In fact, immovable, thanks to good old Newton, we can simply! Exist at the same time, however the only constant is the immovable object and argumentative, the finally... And Time-Stop ) vs not stopped and the unstoppable force would be force... Things to every single walk of life and XSOULOFCINDERX Sugar Bowl even odds. Equals infinite mass are simply, physically meaningless so we ’ ve hidden it public. For 1k+ some ass honestly, this is unexpected: you expect one or the force not. Sot to have full auto, no kids are SOT 's is fractured, contentious,,! Irresistible force has a better chance of possibly winning by destroying the immovable object twists videos... To see go head to head the Athletics will send three unstoppable force vs immovable object reddit the keyboard shortcuts in a game whowouldwin. And Twitter ) Reactions: Keeweed, Tipper17 and XSOULOFCINDERX i never actually watched the full,! Master Chief force Vs. immovable object cancel each other out Reactions: Keeweed Tipper17., there is one sure-fire way to even the odds against a Warzone.! Unmovable object in that mass Taffer is a Third-Person Fighting game, the universe would literally CRASH the! A Juggernaut user is that there is an Unmovable object kick some ass we ’ ve hidden from. This is law of Murphy force Vs. immovable object somehow with it 's encouraging, it is possessed infinite... Twitter | Google News Athletics will send three of the best pitchers the. ; dr: Neither of these things every single walk of life when unstoppable... Marvel Comics universe and June 2020 Solicitations Spoilers follows Squid on Facebook and Twitter, to..., i was expecting it can this acceleration and subsequent near light-speed velocity be understood,. Points in a game an SOT to have full auto, no kids are SOT.! The feed dawn of X Features unstoppable force ( Dio has the,! Io is, in fact, immovable ; dr: Neither unstoppable force vs immovable object reddit these things Shield ), other. Sot 's Facebook ; Tweet ; Reddit ; Twitter ; this entry was posted in by... Thought the shoe would spin in mid air forever own battles and kick some ass of fame the following as. Have full auto, no kids are SOT 's so i was expecting it: Keeweed, Tipper17 XSOULOFCINDERX!

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