27 Airbnb Growth Statistics for Safe Travels in 2021

From an air mattress on a San Francisco apartment floor to several million properties worldwide, current Airbnb growth statistics speak for themselves. Airbnb is a unique opportunity for global wanderers to expand their traveling experience.

If you’re not an Airbnb user yet, these exciting statistics will hopefully encourage you to broaden your horizons. But before we start, let’s view some key takeaways!

Top 10 Airbnb statistics for 2021

Airbnb Growth Statistics

First up are some basic figures about the booking platform that’s winning over the hearts of the global tourist community. Keep reading to discover more about the growth rate, worth, and revenue generated by this unique enterprise throughout the years.

1. Airbnb revenue saw a consistent growth trend of more than 40% between 2017 and 2020.


The rental platform performed much better than its competitors, such as Expedia or Booking Holdings, which managed to generate an increase of only 12%. Airbnb is expected to maintain this course for the foreseeable future despite the significant impact of the coronavirus pandemic it suffered in 2020.

2. The average global Airbnb occupancy rate dropped to 11.4% in 2020.

(All the Rooms, Statista)

Overall bookings exhibited a downward trend compared to 2019, when the occupancy rate averaged 23.4%. The first quarter of 2020 also witnessed a decline in active Airbnb listings due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was particularly severe in China.

3. As per Airbnb growth statistics from 2020, the worth of the total available market equaled $3.4 trillion.


If your head isn’t spinning yet, we’ll add that short-term stays make up $1.8 trillion of this amount, long-term stays are responsible for $210 billion, and experiences account for a staggering $1.4 trillion.

4. Airbnb’s revenue accrued during the first quarter of 2021 is $886.94 million.


Airbnb estimated revenue in 2020 was $3.38 billion, down over 25% compared to 2019 when the company hit the record $4.8 billion.

5. Airbnb generated $10.3 billion in gross booking value during the first quarter of this year.


Airbnb’s gross booking value dropped 37.04% during 2020. Still, the platform made a swift recovery at the beginning of 2021, when the gross booking value already captured 43.1% of the total gross booking value in the previous year.

6. Vacation rental industry statistics show that Airbnb snatches $450 million in revenue from hotels every year.

(Revenue Hub, Hotel Tech Report)

A recent report by HVS Consulting and Valuation investigated the impact Airbnb has on the hoteliers of New York City and suggested that this negative financial effect reflects the current state in the industry.

However, hotel owners are trying to beat Airbnb at its own game by posting their properties on the platform to overcrowd typical listings.

7. Airbnb statistics by city confirm that Paris had the highest number of active Airbnbs in 2020.

(All the Rooms)

Paris reported 41,607 available listings, closely followed by Bali Island (36,386), and Shanghai (33,827).

When it comes to the US, New York had 30,395 listings, exhibiting a decline of 14% compared to 2019, while the second most active city of the US, Los Angeles, didn’t even make it to the top 10 cities in 2020.

Demographics of Airbnb Users

Airbnb represents an attractive alternative to traditional tourism by offering a unique vacation experience. This slow but consistent shift is affecting an increasingly large number of tourists who are keen to explore the Airbnb offer. Let’s find out more about these users and their habits.

8. Based on Airbnb user demographics from 2018, the platform counts 150 million active users.

(Business of Apps)

The platform witnessed a soaring growth in a period of only six years, starting from six million users in 2012. The company hasn’t updated this figure for the last three years, but analysts believe the user community still didn’t exceed 200 million.

9. More than half of the guests prefer Airbnbs to conventional hotels.

(iProperty Management)

Apart from the homelike sentiment, vacation rental trends confirm that Airbnbs also typically have the advantage of being cheaper than hotels.

For instance, a European Airbnb is between 8% and 17% cheaper than the average hotel rate per day, similarly to the US Airbnb prices, which are 6% to 17% lower.

10. According to Airbnb guest demographics from 2021, only 13% of guests are 55 or older.

(iProperty Management)

Members of the largest age group capturing 36% of total guests are between 25 and 34 years old, while 15% are between 18 and 24.

11. Over a third of millennials find Airbnb accommodation less expensive and more convenient than staying at hotels.


Vacation rental market trends reveal that changing preferences of this generation are reshaping the industry since there is a higher demand for cheaper and less traditional accommodation options.

Millennials travel more than any other generation, so they make a perfect target for Airbnb accommodations. Roughly 37% of millennials who used Airbnb services have given positive feedback about their experiences.

12. Demographics of Airbnb users reveal that the majority of all guests are women.

(Host Sorter)

The fairer sex does comprise over a half of the Airbnb guest community, but the men are not far behind, holding a 46% share.

13. Platform users spend an average of 11 minutes and 31 seconds viewing the listings.

(Host Sorter)

According to recent Airbnb statistics, the highest percentage of bookings are made for between two to four people and only 7% for one person. In addition, guests tend to book properties for several nights, and the vast majority prefer occupying the entire property to renting private rooms.

14. Airbnb guests spent over $25 billion on restaurants and cafes in 2018, as per available Airbnb guest demographics.

(Airbnb Newsroom)

Airbnb encourages community tourism by recommending local restaurants. As many as 84% of hosts regularly direct guests towards lesser-known nearby establishments, while 42% of guests spend most of their money in the neighborhood where they’re accommodated.

Airbnb Host Demographics

Since its inception in 2007, Airbnb has come a long way from a clever idea to pay rent to an enterprise worth billions of dollars with a community of reputable and reliable hosts. Let’s find more about who the hosts are, where they are based, and why they make it possible to “Belong Anywhere.”

15. According to Airbnb rental statistics for 2021, the host community includes over 4 million members.

(Airbnb Newsroom, Stratos Jet Charters, Rental Scale-Up)

The community is highly diverse, as people from various lines of work enjoy creating a pleasant experience for their guests. Current statistics reveal that 14,000 new hosts register every month and that the platform counts 5.6 million active listed properties and experiences.

16. Airbnb demographics reveal that 86% of hosts operate outside of the US.

(Rental Scale-Up, Stratos Jet Charters)

Quite literally, this opens numerous doors to curious tourists, as Airbnb hosts come from 100,000 different cities, i.e., 220 world countries and regions. Even though only 14% of the hosts are based in the company’s cradle, the US still has the most significant number of listings globally — as many as 660,000.

17. Airbnb market demographics indicate that women make up 56% of all hosts.

(iProperty Management)

Revenue speaks louder than words, and female Airbnb hosts generated as much as $32 billion during the company’s active years.

18. 45% of senior hosts say their Airbnb income covers their basic living expenses.

(Airbnb Citizen)

A report on Airbnb statistics for 2021 related to the host community found that hosts who are 60 and older are the most rapidly expanding demographic with a 102% growth rate year-over-year.

Half of the seniors claim they host to overcome financial hardships, while 41% are thankful that hosting enabled them to stay in homes and their community.

19. The best-reviewed hosts in the Airbnb community in the US are senior women with 63% five-star ratings.

(Airbnb Citizen)

Based on Airbnb host demographics, senior women constitute 64% of the entire senior host demographic, and their reviews show they have a particularly good head for business.

Most of them rent out private rooms left empty after their children moved away. In fact, in the US, 43% of senior women offer private rooms, while this is the case for 32%–36% of other age and gender combinations.

Airbnb Fun Facts

Airbnb is a unique venture that didn’t bloom overnight. It took several years and a lot of effort to turn it into the rental colossus that it is today. What follows is a collection of interesting facts about the company’s history and development, so dig in!

20. Airbnb began in 2007 as a small-scale venture to earn extra rent money.

(The Zebra)

One of the most famous Airbnb facts is that its first hosts were none other than its very founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. It’s estimated that over 69% of US founders started their business at home, but in this case, their home was their business.

They rented air mattresses in their San Francisco apartment during a huge design conference, and the foundations for the impressive Airbnb growth rate were set.

21. The founders of Airbnb resorted to selling cereal boxes to raise funding for their company.

(Business Insider)

Among the top heartwarming unknown facts about Airbnb is that, after joining forces with their old friend Nathan Blecharczyk, Chesky and Gebbia tried to launch the then-called Air Bed and Breakfast three times to no avail.

Being the creative minds they are, they sold boxes of Obama O’s and Cap’n McCains during the Democratic National Convention of 2008 and earned $30,000.

22. A famous venture capitalist who rejected funding Airbnb now keeps a box of their cereal to remind him of his mistake.

(Business Insider)

Perhaps one of the top Airbnb fun facts is the anecdote of how Fred Wilson turned his back to a multi-billion-dollar chance when he refused to provide funding for the start-up in 2009.

Wilson failed to see the potential behind Airbnb only months before its big breakthrough, but we bet he often looks at his cereal box memento and wonders what he was thinking all those years ago.

23. The biggest fear among Airbnb hosts is that the guests will damage their property.

(Investopedia, Airbnb, Airbnb)

Although Airbnb trends suggest that the incident rate is low, there were cases where hosts suffered damage to their properties after their guests threw a party and didn’t inform them about it.

Airbnb does have a Host Guarantee and a Host Insurance program which covers damage up to $1 million, but neither of them protects from scenarios such as theft or loss of income.

24. According to the company’s vacation rental statistics from 2019, the most wanted Airbnb is the Mushroom Dome in California.

(Quartz, Vox)

The charming wooden cabin with a mushroom-shaped roof was among the first Airbnbs located in a non-urban area. A night’s stay in this peculiar house costs $130. The listing has been active since 2009, and the enormous user interest is still unabated, with a yearly average of approximately three million views.

25. Airbnb facts reveal that scams account for 15.4% of potential problems Airbnb guests may experience.

(Much Needed, The Broke Backpacker)

These may include property switches, attempts to elicit payment directly from the guests, relisting an already booked property in search of a better offer, faking damage claims, and charging additional fees for inventory found at the property.

26. Airbnb is famous for offering a large variety of unusual properties for guests to choose from.

(The Zebra)

Based on the newest Airbnb trends, the selection includes 90,000 cabins, 40,000 farms, 24,000 tiny homes, and 5,600 boats. Additionally, since the US had over 40 million smart homes in 2018, it’s not surprising to find them in Airbnb’s offer as well.

If you really have a thing for outlandish experiences, you can even rent a treehouse or a castle, and for those willing to spend some extra money, Airbnb offers private islands, lighthouses, and igloos.

27. According to the latest Airbnb statistics by city, several popular destinations imposed restrictions or made Airbnb illegal.

(Passive Airbnb)

For instance, you can’t legally rent a home you don’t live in if you’re from New York. The City of Angels killed the fun of partygoers as it banned parties in Airbnb properties. Over in Europe, Amsterdam allows renting a property for no more than several days, and Barcelona requires Airbnb hosts to obtain a license before getting down to business.


Is Airbnb still profitable in 2021?

Exhibiting a 5% year-over-year growth, Airbnb revenue totaled $887 million during the first quarter of 2021 and exceeded the forecasted revenue of $719.8 million against all odds.

In addition, total bookings reached $10.3 billion, with a total of 64.4 million guest reservations and 5.6 million listed properties worldwide.

Unfortunately, the company’s net losses skyrocketed to $1.2 billion instead of the expected $341 million, resulting in a loss per share of $1.95.

What is Airbnb’s net worth?

Airbnb trends from 2020 indicate that the company was estimated at $75 billion at the end of the same year after it went public, and its stock price doubled in value. Just for the sake of comparison, this exceeds the worth of Marriott and Hilton hotels combined.

How much did Airbnb make in 2019?

Recent statistics on Airbnb revenue show that the company brought in $4.7 billion in 2019, which remains the highest annual revenue to date. The platform reported 272 million bookings that year, after which this number fell 41% to 193 million in 2020.

What demographic uses Airbnb the most?

Around 60% of the total users registered on the platform are millennials. Airbnb growth statistics from 2018 predicted that the younger age groups will account for 75% of the target consumer group by 2022.

Which countries use Airbnb the most?

According to the latest data, the United States have the highest number of 877,694 active Airbnb listings, reporting 68.1 million nights stayed in 2020. The second-ranked country was France, with 610,765 available properties in the same year. China landed third place with just over 500,000 active listings, and the next in line were Italy, Spain, UK, and Brazil.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it — a non-exhaustive list of trending Airbnb growth statistics. Have you considered changing your accommodation habits yet? Or maybe even becoming the pioneer Airbnb host in your area?

The story of Airbnb tells us that anything is possible, and all it takes is a clever idea. The astonishingly diverse Airbnb community and experiences offer something for everyone, so if you find yourself reaching for your passport, all we have to say is — safe travels!


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