Best Survival Kit to Save Your Life (2021 Reviews and Guide)

A disaster can always happen, which is why you should have the best survival kit ready. This is where our expert reviews come in handy.

Remember, being stressed affects your problem-solving skills. So, it’s critical to take your survival kit purchase seriously and know what’s included.

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The Best Survival Kit for 2021: A Brief Overview

Everlit Survival - Logo
  • Best cheap survival kit (EDC)
  • Rip-away EMT pouch for easy access
  • Multi-purpose for any emergency
  • Molle compatibility
From $39.95
Prep Store - Logo
  • Best survival kit for hurricanes
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Attached rain cover for protection
  • Filters over 500 gallons of water
From $399.99
Blue Coolers - Logo
  • Best 72-hour survival kit
  • Suitable for all natural disasters
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Survival gear, food, and water
From $44.99
First My Family - Logo
  • Best survival kit for hiking
  • Two color choices
  • Versatile outdoor camping tools
  • Non-GMO food included
From $152.08
Emergency Essentials Be Prepared - Logo
  • Best fire starter survival kit
  • High-calorie food bars included
  • Water filter included
  • Waterproof heavy-duty matches
From $138.63
SOL - Logo
  • Best car survival kit on Amazon
  • Lightweight and small kit
  • Includes survival guide
  • LED light with 15 hours of power
From $39.99
Uncharted Supply Co. - Logo
  • Best survival kit for floods
  • Made from 600D tarpaulin
  • Doubles as a floatation device
  • Reflective Mylar survival tent
From $389.00
American Red Cross - Logo
  • Best pre-made survival kit
  • Lightweight backpack
  • Calorie-dense food bars
  • Rain poncho to keep you dry
From $83.99
Black Hawk Survival - Logo
  • Best survival kit for couples
  • Comes as wheel bag too
  • Purification tablets included
  • Complete supplies for sanitation
From $204.99
Stealth Angel Survival - Logo
  • Best compact survival kit for pets
  • Dog food and water pouches
  • Feeding bowl included
  • Available for cats too
From $149.99

Ultimate Survival Kit Reviews

Let’s go deep into the details about each product and see what its perks and minor drawbacks are.

Everlit Survival 250Pcs Tactical Survival First Aid Kit Review

Best EDC Survival Kit for Budget-Buyers

  • Rating: 10
  • Type: EDC survival kit
  • Person: Multiple
  • Hours of survivability: Multiple days
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $45
  • Price: $39.95

If you want more than 35 pieces in your survival kit, Everlit Survival has got you covered with the EDC First Aid Survival Kit, containing 250 pieces of necessities.

Hands down, this is the best tactical survival kit field-tested by an ex-Army Sergeant and fully customized by US Military veterans. Not only does this survival kit contain a wide array of must-have tools, but it’s also packaged in a sturdy military-grade bag with molle attachments on the outside.

In fact, this survival kit contains enough items and supplies to fit the needs of a small family. However, the scissors could be sharper, but on the bright side, users won’t cut themselves easily. Also, they are cheap to replace.

According to family survival kit reviews, the Everlit Survival survival kit is lightweight and compact, and it’s a must-have before going out into the wilderness. In the pack, you’ll also get a paracord bracelet, a disposable poncho, and a high lumen flashlight to illuminate your way to safety.

What also makes it the best family survival kit is its durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant bag that’ll withstand any weather. Overall, it’s an excellent purchase for any emergency and outdoor activity.

  • For one person or a small family
  • Durable, military-grade bag
  • Added molle attachments

  • Scissors could be sharper

Prep Store Emergency Survival Pack Review

Best Survival Backpack Kit for Hurricanes

  • Rating: 9.9
  • Type: Hurricane emergency kit
  • Persons: One
  • Hours of survivability: Multiple days
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $50
  • Price: $399.99

The Prep Store Quick Emergency Survival Kit bears the title of the USA’s number one Hurricane Emergency Kit.

The included filter will clean up to 500 gallons of water, so you don’t have to worry about proper hydration. A 2-gallon container and a 2.5-liter bladder are also included.

Due to how well it’s equipped, many would say that the Prep Store Pack is the best survival kit in the world, and we’d agree.

Since the survival kit also contains a large mosquito net, a three-season sleeping bag, and a one-person tent, it’s not difficult to see why many tactical survival kit reviews think it’s the best.

In addition to the numerous features, you’ll also get gloves, a 70-piece first-aid kit for basic health needs, a mask, a clip-on repellent, and bug spray. On top of that, the belt straps are adjustable, making this survival pack incredibly comfortable and light to carry around.

However, you don’t get any food supplies, but this gives users the freedom to stock up on desired food.

  • Water filter
  • Mosquito-net
  • Solar charger included

  • Doesn’t include meals

Blue Coolers 72 Hour Backpack Survival Kit Review

Best 72-Hour Survival Kit

  • Rating: 9.7
  • Type: 72-hour survival kit
  • Persons: One
  • Hours of survivability: 72 hours
  • Shipping: Free
  • Price: $44.99

One of Blue Cooler’s most popular items is the Blue Seventy-Two Kit. This is the best outdoor survival kit that will help you get through the initial 72 hours of an emergency. In a nutshell, it’s suitable for tornadoes, power outages, wildfires, floods, and even hurricanes.

In each backpack, you’ll get drinking water pouches, food bars, a tissue pack, a rain poncho, a compass and emergency whistle combo, and many more.

If you’re solo, then this is all you need always to stay safe. However, make sure to pack your own charger because this kit doesn’t include it. We don’t think this is a deal-breaker since everyone has a spare charger at home.

Many of the best survival backpack kits are sturdy yet lightweight, and so is the Blue Seventy-Two Kit. Thanks to its compressed size, you can take it anywhere without the extra fuss. It conveniently fits into your boat, the trunk of your car, or even underneath your office desk.

Apropo, it’s available as a pack of four three-day survival kits for one person or as a single three-day survival kit for one person.

  • Suitable for different disasters
  • Includes a battery-free flashlight
  • Triple-reinforced backpack

  • Doesn’t include a charger

First My Family Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit Review

Best Survival Kit for Hiking

  • Rating: 9.6
  • Type: 72-hour survival kit
  • Persons: One
  • Hours of survivability: 72 hours
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $59
  • Price: $152.08

The Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit is meant for a solo traveler or adventurer.

This is the best survival kit for backpacking. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and contains everything you need for up to 72 hours.

Since everything is pre-packaged, you don’t have to think about checking whether you are missing anything. On the flip side, some people may prefer choosing product brands by themselves.

All of the contents in the kit are high-quality, and you’ll get sufficient non-GMO, nut-free food and a Datrex emergency water supply to last you for three days.

First My Family’s best-rated emergency survival kit will keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions. You get a poncho, a blanket, a body warmer, a flashlight, and a multi-purpose outdoor camping tool in each kit.

As mentioned, the products are pre-packaged. On the upside, this also saves time on choosing products from brands.

  • Available for four people, too
  • Includes body warmer
  • Harsh weather resistant

  • Every item is pre-packaged

Emergency Essentials Be Prepared Complete 72-Hour Emergency Kit Review

Best Survival Kit for Camping

  • Rating: 9.5
  • Type: 72-hour survival kit
  • Persons: One
  • Hours of survivability: 72 hours
  • Shipping: Not free
  • Price: $138.63

The Emergency Essentials Complete 72-hour Kit will save you during a camping trip gone wrong. All of the supplies in this expert-designed 58-piece kit will keep you protected and well-fed for up to three days.

Although it’s recommended for only one person, we believe it could fit the needs of two people when the supplies are used sparingly.

The pack contains 36 servings of survival food bars and sufficient fresh water.

According to the survival kit reviews, the Datrex emergency bars taste great and contain 2,400 calories per packet. So, you’ll have enough energy to go search for help.

One of the most impressive features is the 9-in-1 LED solar flashlight and multi-tool ideal for camping. Namely, it works as a flashlight, a glass hammer, an SOS strobe light, a USB charger, a compass, and much more.

With all of the perks set aside, it’s important to mention that the Emergency Essentials Complete 72-hour Kit doesn’t come with a backpack. Fortunately, this best small survival kit can fit in any bag of your choice.

  • Contains 36 servings of food
  • Includes a survival guide
  • Heavy-duty waterproof matches

  • Doesn’t come with a backpack

SOL Origin Waterproof Survival Tool Kit Review

Best Survival Kit on Amazon

  • Rating: 9.4
  • Type: Tool kit/Car survival kit
  • Persons: One
  • Hours of survivability: N/A
  • Shipping: Check Amazon policies
  • Price: $39.99

The SOL Origin is one of the best survival kits on Amazon that’ll provide you with the ultimate tools to survive any disaster and return a boss.

This product is the perfect hybrid of the classic ten essentials and a compact survival kit. As a result, you get an indestructible and lightweight emergency kit you can take anywhere with you.

Due to its small size, we believe it’s also the best survival kit for car owners.

The OriginTM features a waterproof ABS-plastic case with various essential survival equipment, such as 150lb-test braided nylon cable, Tinder-QuickTM fire starters, and a fishing kit.

Another impressive feature is the survival knife, paired with a 100dB rescue whistle and an AUS-8 steel blade for added precision in any survival situation.

However, since this is a tool kit, you don’t get food, water, or shelter. On the positive side, you can use this product as a supplement kit and fully customize your survival bag.

Overall, this is the best survival tool kit you can get. If you want to start a fire with a single hand, you can do that with the Fire LiteTM sparker. Whereas, if you need to find your way home, the liquid-filled, removable compass can guide you back.

  • Tool and survival kit in one
  • Rescue FlashTM signal mirror
  • Precision cutting knife

  • No meals, shelter, or water


Uncharted Supply Co. The Seventy2 Survival System Review

Best Survival Kit on the Market for Floods

  • Rating: 9.3
  • Type: 72-hour survival kit
  • Persons: One
  • Hours of survivability: 72 hours
  • Shipping: Not free
  • Price: $389.00

No list is complete without an Uncharted Supply Co Seventy2 Survival Kit review. Although this product is on the more expensive side, and the shipping comes with a cost, many benefits will make this survival kit worth the money.

The first thing that sets this product apart from others is the waterproof and durable backpack created from 600D tarpaulin. Believe it or not, you can also use the backpack as a floatation device in case of a flood.

Another reason why this is one of the best survival kits on the market is that you get all the essentials you need.

This includes a waterproof flashlight, matches, a multi-tool, calorie-dense food, a water filter that can filter a maximum of 100,000 gallons of water, and many more.

Naturally, you get a helpful first aid pouch, too, with sunscreen, a splint, and a first aid kit.

Although it has everything you need, one Seventy2 Survival Kit review claimed that it’s a better option as a supplement emergency kit.

Even though this kit doesn’t provide bug spray or anti-venom spray, you have the freedom to choose whichever product suits you the best. However, if you don’t need much, then this will do the trick.

  • Waterproof flashlight
  • Backpack as a flotation device
  • Approved by survivalists

  • No anti-venom medication

American Red Cross Basic 3-Day Emergency Preparedness Kit Review

Best Pre-Made Survival Kit

  • Rating: 9.2
  • Type: 72-hour survival kit
  • Persons: One
  • Hours of survivability: 72 hours
  • Shipping: Depends on the state/country
  • Price: $83.99

The Basic 3-day Emergency Preparedness Kit will save your life in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes.

Since this emergency kit includes all the essentials for a single person for three days, it’s no wonder it landed itself on the list of best survival kits of 2020.

The American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council-approved emergency kit contains sufficient water, food, and supplies to get you through the initial 72-hours of a crisis.

In the lightweight backpack, you’ll find a flashlight with extra batteries, a useful multi-tool, a crank-powered radio, and a cell phone charger. This way, you’ll be able to contact someone for help.

There are many other reasons why we recommend choosing this best 72-hour survival kit. For instance, you get a 6-pack of emergency food bars and 4oz of water pouches for adequate nutrition and hydration.

Moreover, the helpful rain poncho will keep you dry and warm even in the most extreme weather.

On the downside, you need to bring your hand sanitizer and towelettes because this survival kit doesn’t include them. However, with all the benefits, this is a minor drawback. Also, you have the freedom of choice to pack whatever personal items you want.

With the best emergency preparedness kit, you get a simple first aid kit to meet your basic health needs. Compared to other similar products, this emergency preparedness kit is also more budget-friendly.

  • Extra batteries for the flashlight
  • Crank-powered radio
  • Shields you in harsh weather

  • No towelettes or hand sanitizer

Black Hawk Survival 2 Person Deluxe Survival Kit Review

Best Hiking Survival Kit for Couples

  • Rating: 9.1
  • Type: Wilderness survival kit
  • Persons: Two
  • Hours of survivability: Over 72 hours
  • Shipping: Free
  • Price: $204.99

If you’re going hiking with a friend, you’ll need to double up on emergency supplies. Fortunately, the 2 Person Deluxe Survival Kit is designed for two explorers in danger.

This best outdoor survival kit will get you through the riskiest 72 hours of a crisis and possibly even more.

This hand-assembled product contains enough food and water to provide vital nutrition for three days.

Inside the multi-pocket backpack, you’ll get 4800 calories-worth of food bars, water pouches, water purification tablets, and hydration bags.

Like any other best survival kit, you also get various essential items for communication and light, including an emergency candle, a 5-in-1 survival whistle, and an AM/FM radio with batteries.

Stranded adventurers will stay warm and sheltered thanks to the emergency ponchos and the survival sleeping bags.

On the downside, some customers complained about not receiving their order on time. However, the customer service resolved the issue quickly and fuss-free.

  • Five-in-one survival whistle
  • AM/FM radio with batteries
  • Water purification tablets

  • An occasional late order

Stealth Angel Survival Deluxe Dog Survival Kit Review

BestRated Survival Kit for Pets

  • Rating: 9.8
  • Type: Pet survival kit
  • Persons: For one dog
  • Hours of survivability: 72 hours
  • Shipping: Free
  • Price: $179.99

Stealth Angel Survival Deluxe Dog Survival Kit is everything you need to keep your pet safe, fed, and warm in case of a disaster.

If you’re a faithful pet owner, this is the best survival kit money can buy for ultimate pet safety. You can also get this kit for cats.

This durable hiker’s backpack contains an 8oz package of dog food, six 4oz water pouches, and ten water purification tablets. This way, you’ll always have fresh water on hand for your pup.

You also get a dog bowl. Although the bowl isn’t collapsible, it doesn’t take up much space in your bag.

Besides food and water, you’ll also get an emergency survival blanket and a 16-hour body warmer for complete warmth and shelter in case of a disaster.

Another reason why this is a pet owner’s best survival kit for sale is that it has all the pet supplies and tools you could need — including 12-hour emergency bright sticks, a feeding bowl, dog toys, nylon rope, and more.

Best of all, it’s light and compact, so it’ll fit anywhere without taking up too much space.

  • Reflective collar and leash set
  • Includes a 16-hour body warmer
  • Variety of toys and food

  • The dog bowl could be collapsible

How to Pick the Best Survival Kit
— Buyer's Guide —

A whopping 96% of adult Americans make online purchases at least once a month. Considering that fact, it’s highly likely that many US buyers also order survival kits on the internet.

However, before jumping blindly into buying your first survival kit, let’s go through some basics you must know before spending money.

Survival Kit Types

Finding a survival kit that’ll fit all your needs is challenging. Here are some of the most common types of emergency kits a pro survival kit company should offer:

Car Survival Kits

In case you get stuck in your vehicle in the middle of nowhere, you’ll need a car survival kit. These kits are small and portable, so they easily fit beneath one of the car seats or in the trunk.

You can also find more advanced kits that include jumper cables, wrenches, a knife, a spare tire, and screwdrivers.

Winter Survival Kits

A good survival kit will save your life during a cold winter night. Winter survival kits are typically similar to car survival kits, so they’re portable and small in size.

Most kits include windshield fluid, first-aid supplies, bottled water, non-perishable food, and shovels.

Military Survival Kits

These multi-functional kits include everything you need for ultimate survival in the wilderness.

The top survival kits will consist of survival blankets, water bags, signaling mirrors, first-aid items, Swiss knives, and a compass. If you get into an accident or you get lost, this kit has everything you need.

EDC Survival Kits

EDC (Every Day Carry) kits contain all the tools you need in an emergency. The best emergency survival kits will include knives, a basic first aid kit, flashlights, and different survival tools.

Earthquake Emergency Kits

Since earthquakes can strike anytime without warning, you’ll want to be prepared. The bestrated survival kits for earthquakes will include waterproof blankets, flashlights, water bottles, and non-perishable foods.

Wilderness Survival Kits

Whether you’re out hiking or camping, you’ll want to have a wilderness kit with you. 

These kits are usually smaller than traditional survival kits, but they contain everything you need. For instance, the best wilderness survival kit will have a knife, paracords, water filters, and first-aid supplies.

Pet-Friendly Survival Kits

According to pet industry statistics, 68% of pet owners agree that pets are people, too.

With that in mind, you want to keep your pet safe in case of a disaster. The best survival kits for pets will include canned food, first-aid supplies for animals, alcohol swabs, and similar necessities.

The 72-Hour Survival Kit

Three-day survival kits are ideal for helping you get through the worst-case scenario. Typically, these survival kits are suitable for only one person.

Necessary Components in TopRated Survival Kits

Different types of survival kits come with other items for emergencies. Although you can go without one thing or another, these are the must-haves each quality survival kit should include:

Water Purifiers

Water is life, and you need to keep yourself hydrated to survive. A water purifier can help make possibly polluted water safe to drink. Alternatively, you’ll have plenty of water with you.

Knife and Multi-Tools

A multi-tool with scissors, tweezers, folding blades and pliers should all be included in the best emergency survival kit. When storing your multi-tool, please keep it in a pocket that you can easily reach.


Calorie-dense, nutritional foods that will last you for at least three days should be necessities in your survival kit. For instance, ready-to-eat dishes and calorie-dense energy bars are a must.

Medical Supplies

These supplies include pain relief pills, bandages, burn cream, antiseptic wipes, and similar first-aid kit items. Make sure to include your medication too.

Other items included in the best emergency preparedness kit:

  • GPS devices
  • Map and compass
  • Lightsticks, torch, flares
  • Waterproof items such as clothing and survival blankets
  • Respiratory masks in case of smoke
  • Portable chargers
  • Personal hygiene items

Keep Your Kit Stacked

Always plan ahead of time and keep your survival kit stocked with essentials. The easiest way to do this is by triple-checking whether you have everything you need a few days before trekking, camping, or doing any other form of activity.

Also, check whether any item is missing before going on a trip and replace any soon-to-expire foods often.

How to Choose the Best Survival Kit for You?

Yes, survival kits can be expensive. But, considering that, on average, Americans spend $18,000 per year on non-essential items like eating out, we believe the money spent on a survival kit is worth it.

Besides going through every survival kit review to find the one that’s best for you, these five tips will help you make the wisest decision when shopping for your first survival kit.

Hours of Survivability

You never know how long the disaster or the emergency will last. So, we recommend purchasing a quality survival kit that will last you for at least three full days since the first 72 hours are critical for your survival.

Number of People

If you’re heading out into the wilderness with your family members, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough emergency supplies for everyone. So, choose the best family survival kits with extra medical supplies, water, and food.

Size and Lightness

You want to retain your stamina in an emergency, so always look for a compact, light emergency kit. Moreover, it should fit into the trunk of your car and be simple to take on the road.


Food is one of the best survival kit items you need to have with you, especially if you go into the wilderness for days or weeks.

Always make sure that the foods included in your survival kit are non-perishable or food items that have a long shelf life.

Make It Waterproof

When you’re stranded in the wilderness or any disaster, being drenched in water is unavoidable. So, it’s critical to purchase a waterproof survival pack. This way, your necessary supplies will stay dry.


What is a survival kit?

In essence, a survival kit is a set of basic supplies and materials prepared to help people survive in an emergency (such as an earthquake, a fire, floods, hurricanes, getting lost in the wilderness, etc.). You can find survival kits in spacecraft, lifeboats, and military and civil aircraft.

Why are survival kits important?

Survival kits are essential because they include tools and supplies to survive natural disasters and other emergencies.

These kits will keep you warm, protect you against harsh weather, and meet your first-aid needs. Moreover, they’ll help you locate help or contact rescuers and supply you with water and food.

What is the best survival kit to buy?

You can buy many different survival kits, and the best one depends on what you’re looking for.

For instance, if you’re hunting for the best military survival kits, we suggest you check out the Everlit Survival 250Pcs Tactical Survival First Aid Kit.

Whereas, if you want a pet-friendly option, go for the Stealth Angel Survival Deluxe Dog Survival Kit.

What should be in a 72-hour kit?

At a bare minimum, a 72-hour kit should have the following things:

  • Extra blankets and clothing
  • One gallon of water per day per person
  • Three-day supply of food
  • First-aid kit
  • Extra batteries
  • Items to make a basic shelter
  • Non-prescription and prescription medicine

What are the 10 essential survival kit items?

The top 10 must-haves in a survival kit include:

  • Water (water purifiers)
  • Food (non-perishable)
  • Radio and flashlight
  • First-aid kit
  • Personal hygiene and sanitation items
  • Multi-purpose tools and knife
  • Portable charger and cell phone to contact help
  • Personal documents (ID, passport, etc.)
  • A map to find your way
  • Extra money

The Bottom Line

All in all, the best survival kit will contain everything you need when a disaster strikes or an emergency happens.

The best thing about these life-saving kits is that you don’t need to collect each supply one by one. This means you’ll save money and precious time by just investing in a survival kit.

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