Best At-Home Gel Nail Kit (2021 Reviews and Guide)

Finding the best at-home gel nail kit is a challenging task, especially when there are so many options to consider. That’s why we gathered only the best products on the market that should give you professional results on a budget.

Let’s get right into it.

The Best At-Home Gel Nail Kit for 2021: A Brief Overview

Gelish - Logo
  • Best kit for beginners
  • Lasts up to three weeks
  • Doesn’t damage the nails
  • Compact LED lamp
From $109.19
ASP - Logo
  • Best home gel nail kit for pros
  • Vibrant colors
  • Zero smudging
  • Suitable for brittle nails
From $77.99
Mylee - Logo
  • Best kit for gifts
  • Lessens the risk of peeling
  • High-shine gel polish
  • Irritation-free gel remover
From $124.20
ASP - Logo
  • Best for peel off manicure
  • No acetone required
  • Protects natural nails
  • No filing needed
From $51.99
CND - Logo
  • Best basic gel polish kit
  • No irritations
  • High-shine top coat
  • Lasts for two weeks
From $189.30
Le Mini Macaron - Logo
  • Best kit for teens
  • 3-in-1 gel polish
  • No gel cleanser needed
  • No base or top coat required
From $35.00
CND - Logo
  • Best for multi-problem solving
  • Saves and repairs cracked nails
  • Plumps and shapes flat nails
  • Creates customizable length
From $323.80
Gellen - Logo
  • Most versatile kit
  • Essential manicure tools included
  • Moisturizing hand mask gloves
  • Nail art glitter included
From $39.99
Beetles - Logo
  • Best glossy gel kit
  • 20 vibrant shades
  • Very mild odor
  • Allergen-proof
From $27.99
Sally Hansen - Logo
  • Best at-home gel nail kit in 2020
  • Up to ten pro salon gel manicures
  • Suitable for soft nails
  • Keeps nails from breaking
From $64.99
SensatioNail - Logo
  • Fastest kit for home use
  • No fading or dulling for weeks
  • Lint-free wipes included
  • No sticky residue
From $21.23

Top Gel Nail Kit Reviews

In order to bring you as objective and informed reviews as possible, we pay attention to what other people are saying, but we also have to give each product a try ourselves.

We don’t mind sharing that it was quite fun testing these gel nail kits and finding those that really stand out.

So, let’s begin!

Gelish MINI Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish Complete Starter Kit Review

Best Gel Nail Polish Kit for Beginners

  • Rating: 10
  • Includes: Gelish Basix Kit, two gel polishes, instructions, LED light
  • Shades: Good Gossip (red glitter) and Gossip Girl (bright pink)
  • Dry time: 30 seconds
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $25
  • Price: $109.19

If you’re a beginner or just want a simple at-home gel nail kit, then the MINI Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish Complete Starter Kit is what you need in your beauty toolset.

Although it’s not as versatile as some of its competitors, it is the best basic kit for everyone looking for a simple and effective product.

This Gelish Complete Starter Kit review will be short and sweet. In a nutshell, we loved it for its compactness and efficacy. You get the Basix Kit containing a nail sealer gel, a nail base gel, pH bond nail prep, cuticle oil, artificial nail remover, and much more in each box.

Also, you get two stunning pinkish gel polish shades, Good Gossip and Gossip Girl.

One of the reasons so many people consider it the best gel nail starter kit on the market is that it comes with a Pro 45 LED Light, helping the polish cure quickly. If you’re looking for a portable product that you can take on trips, the Gelish manicure kit is what you need.

On the downside, some buyers were complaining about delays in shipment. However, the customer service is friendly and very responsive, so the issues typically get solved fast.

  • Polish doesn’t chip
  • Nourishing cuticle oil
  • Very gentle on natural nails

  • Occasional delays in shipment

ASP Soak Off Gel Polish Complete Starter Kit Review

Best Home Gel Nail Kit for Professionals

  • Rating: 9.9
  • Includes: Base coat, top coat, bonder, 2-in-1 cleaning wipe and dehydrator, soak-off solution, gel polish, LED lamp
  • Shades: Passionate Pink
  • Dry time: 30 seconds
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $25
  • Price: $77.99

If you want the most professional-looking at-home gel nail kit that will give you salon-level results, then go for the ASP Soak Off Gel Polish Complete Starter Kit. We were pleasantly surprised by how versatile this product is at such an affordable price.

It wouldn’t be a strong contender for the position of the best at-home gel nail polish kit if it didn’t come with all the essentials, including the base coat, top coat, bonder, 2-in-1 cleansing wipe and dehydrator, soak-off solution, gel polish, and a mini LED lamp.

According to the home gel nail kit reviews, this is one of the most fool-proof manicure kits you can use, partly because it’s equally suitable for beginners and professionals. Upon testing it out, we noticed that the color lasted close to two weeks without chipping.

On the flip side, we would’ve loved to see at least another gel polish shade included. Nevertheless, purchasing additional gels on their own is relatively cheap, and you have up to 52 color options from ASP to choose from.

  • Soak-off solution nourishes nails
  • Strong bonder for adherence
  • Salon-quality manicure

  • Only one gel shade included

Mylee Essentials Kit Review

Best Nail Gel Kit for Gifts

  • Rating: 9.7
  • Includes: Base coat, top coat, four bottles of gel polish, prep+wipe formula, lint-free wipes, gel remover, LED lamp
  • Shades: Pastel Chick, Soft Touch, Requiem for a Pink, Diva
  • Dry time: 15 seconds
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $35
  • Price: $124.20

In 2020, Americans planned to splurge an average of $998 for Christmas. Although Christmas is still months away, it’s never too soon to start thinking about buying a gift for a loved one. So, we recommend choosing the Mylee Essentials Kit if you’re in the mood for gift giving.

One of the reasons many people think this is the best nail gel polish kit on the market is that it contains everything you need to achieve pro-level results, from an eco-friendly LED lamp to an effective gel remover.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll be able to use this kit without worrying about irritations or dryness.

Most home gel nail kit reviews supported our own testing, which indicated that the LED lamp can cure the nails in only 15 seconds. Compared to other at-home gel nail kits on the market, the Mylee kit will give you the quickest results.

Moreover, the lamp has a 50,000-hour lifespan, so it’ll last you a long time.

On the downside, some at-home UV gel nail kit reviews report that the gel polishes sometimes stay tacky. However, if you make sure to clean the nail with the provided wipes after the gel has been applied, you should be perfectly fine.

  • Nail care included
  • Lightweight base coat formula
  • No UV damage

  • Gels are tacky if applied wrong

ASP Make It Peelable Base Coat Try Me Kit Review

Best Nail Gel Kit for Peel Off Manicure

  • Rating: 9.8
  • Includes: Base coat, top coat, bonder, gel polish, dehydrator, USB LED lamp
  • Shades: Selfish, Coral Cutie
  • Dry time: 30 seconds
  • Shipping: Free US shipping on orders over $25
  • Price: $51.99

ASP’s manicure kit is a great option for beginners and people who don’t have enough time to remove the regular gel polish. It’s the best gel nail kit for home use if you’re just starting out with DIY gel polish manicures.

The kit includes a revolutionary base coat that makes the ASP gel polish peelable. Moreover, it works with any ASP gel polish, not just the ones included in the kit. While testing the kit for our gel manicure kit reviews, we noticed that it lasts for about a week, which is impressive.

You can quickly touch up any nail if it starts peeling early, or just use an orange wood cuticle stick to gently peel it off. Since you don’t need to soak off the manicure, your nails won’t suffer any damage.

Another great thing is that you don’t need to cure the base coat — just go straight to the gel polish.

Even though this is a top at-home gel nail kit, we noticed that the polish is a bit runny. However, you can avoid unnecessary cuticle clean up by going in with thinner polish layers.

  • Doesn’t damage the nails
  • Takes minutes to remove
  • Lasts about a week

  • The shade is a bit runny

CND Gel Basic Kit Review

Best Basic AtHome LED Gel Nail Kit

  • Rating: 9.5
  • Includes: Base coat, top coat, LED lamp
  • Shades: No shades included
  • Dry time: 30 seconds
  • Shipping: Free US shipping on orders over $25
  • Price: $189.30

CND has been a synonym for perfect manicures for years. This is a very basic kit for a pro or DIY manicure aficionado who already have their favorite gel polish shades at home.

If you don’t want to collect unnecessary new shades of polish, this is the best LED gel nail kit for you.

You’ll get a powerful LED lamp, Shellac Power Polish base coat, and Shellac Original top coat. The base and top coat will make your manicure last for at least two weeks. Moreover, they dry lightning-quickly.

You can use it for a clear manicure or combine it with a Shellac shade for a colorful mani or pedi.

As we mentioned, this kit’s major (and only) con is that it doesn’t contain any gel polish shade.

So, you might want to rethink your decision and choose some other best-rated gel nail kit from our list if you’re into colorful manicures.

On the other hand, if your collection already has at least one CND gel polish shade or you’re a fan of clear nails — you will most certainly enjoy this kit.

  • Beautiful glossy finish
  • 100% scratch-resistant
  • Doesn’t cause allergies

  • No gel polish shades included

Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit Review

Best Gel Nail Kit for Teens

  • Rating: 9.4
  • Includes: LED lamp, gel polish, tools, remover wraps, instructions
  • Shades: Black Licorice
  • Dry time: 30 seconds
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $75
  • Price: $35.00

The Le Mini Macaron Kit is not only adorable in design, but it also lives up to its hype in terms of quality. In fact, you’ll have to hurry up and grab your kit before it’s sold out — it’s that popular!

Probably the best gel nail kit by this brand for teens, the Le Mini Macaron Kit comes with a gel polish bottle, a LED lamp with a USB cord, tools, instructions, and remover wraps.

Thanks to the powerful nail-curing lamp, you’ll have perfectly dry nails every time in only 30 seconds.

This might also be the best at-home gel nail kit for people who travel a lot. Thanks to the USB cord, you can just plug it into your laptop and get your manicure done wherever you are.

Also, this kit is suitable for pedicures too. According to the best gel nail kit reviews, flip the magnetic top around to pamper your feet.

All in all, the design will appeal to teens and beginners the most. Teens especially will love it due to its trendy design and beginner-friendly use.

The kit contains all the must-haves you could need for a professional-looking manicure or pedicure that will last you up to ten days.

Unfortunately, this means that this gel wears off faster than most of the other products on our list.

Luckily, since this might be the best at-home gel nail kit in terms of how easy it is to use, reapplying the gel is no issue.

  • Perfect manicure in 15 mins
  • No dangerous chemicals
  • All steps in one bottle

  • Wears off faster than similar gels

CND Plexigel System Kit Review

Best Gel Nail Polish Kit with LED Light for Multiple Problems

  • Rating: 9.6
  • Includes: Bonder, shaper, builder, top coat, gel polish, LED lamp
  • Shades: Romantique
  • Dry time: 30 seconds
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $75
  • Price: $323.80

If you thought that a gel polish kit can only add color to your mani, CND is here to prove you wrong. Their Plexigel System kit is the best gel nail kit for home for people who want to target multiple nail issues.

Not only will this kit give your nails a gorgeous, romantic rosy color, but it’ll also help you strengthen your nails. Moreover, you can repair and save cracked nails or reshape any flat nail.

And to top it off, you’ll even be able to create customizable nail length.

The company promises this kit will provide you with a three-week perfect manicure. However, from our experience, it lasts way more than four weeks, and other at-home gel nail kit reviews confirm the long-lasting effects.

The only downside is that the bonder works too well, so it’s a bit hard to take the gel polish off. Nevertheless, it’s worth the month-long perfect manicure and pedicure.

  • Lasts for 4+ weeks
  • Strengthens and protects
  • Perfect for soft and weak nails

  • Hard to remove

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Kit Review

Best At-Home Gel Kit in Terms of Versatility

  • Rating: 9.2
  • Includes: 12 bottles of gel nail polish, nail lamp, base coat, top coat (matte and glossy), nail cleanser pads, nail remover pads, toe and nail separators, nail art, stickers, and moisturizing gloves
  • Shades: 12 classic nude shades
  • Dry time: 30–60 seconds
  • Shipping: Check Amazon policy
  • Price: $39.99

The gel nail polish kit by Gellen is the most versatile product you can get. It comes with everything you need with the addition of 12 drop-dead gorgeous shades in “classic nudes,” “colorful rainbow,” and “bright and pastels.”

If you’re searching for an ideal gift for a loved one, you should definitely consider this best-rated home gel nail kit

The premium all-in-one gel nail kit contains essential mani tools, 12 colors, a powerful nail lamp, matte and glossy top coats, rhinestones, and more.

When it comes to the 72W nail lamp, the best gel nail polish kit reviews claim that it can save you up to 70% of traditional curing time. We tested it out and can confidently say that it’s suitable for both UV- and LED-based gels.

Most importantly, the gels are chip-proof and extremely long-lasting. In fact, a number of gel nail kit reviews noted that the mani could last up to three weeks.

On the downside, the polish tends to be a bit too thick. So, make sure to apply it in the thinnest layer possible. If you do it this way, you won’t run out of gels quickly, and you’ll even save some money.

  • Lamp saves 70% curing time
  • Suitable for gel polish beginners
  • Shades provide great coverage

  • Polish can be too thick

Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit Review

Best At-Home Nail Gel Kit With a Glossy Finish

  • Rating: 9.1
  • Includes: Base gel, top coat (matte and glossy), 20 toxin-free gel colors
  • Shades: 20 pastel shades
  • Dry time: 60–120 seconds
  • Shipping: Check Amazon policy
  • Price: $27.99

With this Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit, you get 20 miniature gel polish colors, a dual top coat for a matte or glossy finish, and a no-wipe base.

We believe this is one of the best products of this kind to give as a gift to a loved one who likes glossy gels.

As probably the best DIY gel nail kit by this brand, it contains solid glitter gels made from toxin-free ingredients.

This means that the gels are entirely safe and have a very mild odor. Customers with sensitivities to odors will prefer this product over most of the others.

According to the at-home gel nail kit reviews, the manicure will last at least three weeks when appropriately applied. Of course, make sure to read the instructions provided.

On the downside, some reviewers did complain about the applicator brush being of somewhat lower quality than the rest of the kit.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t make the gel difficult to apply, and most people interested in products like this probably already have a spare brush around.

Overall, excellent product for the price and value.

  • Variety of toxin-free gels
  • Provides opaque color
  • Safe for the skin

  • Low-quality brush applicator

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Kit Review

Best At-Home Gel Nail Kit in 2020

  • Rating: 9.3
  • Includes: Base coat, top coat, gel polish, cleanser pads, acetone remover, instructions, tools
  • Shades: Red My Lips
  • Dry time: 30 seconds
  • Shipping: Check Amazon policy
  • Price: $64.99

Sally Hansen is a well-known brand that many people recognize for its excellent quality since 1957. The Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit was last year’s best nail kit for some of the many reasons below.

First of all, while writing our Sally Hansen gel kit review, we were shocked by the vast array of nail products available from this brand.

When it comes to this specific nail kit, we noticed that the cleanser pads don’t dry out the skin, and the gels aren’t damaging at all. So, if you’re worried about ruining your natural nails, don’t be — this salon-grade kit is perfectly safe.

We were very satisfied with this product, as is obvious from this Sally Hansen gel polish kit review. Namely, you get all the essentials you need, including application accessories, a base and top coat, and a LED light. When it comes to gel colors, these kits come with one of three available shades.

Unfortunately, the LED light is too small for customers with larger hands. However, it’s a functional and compact lamp that you can take anywhere with you.

Nevertheless, the Sally Hansen gel nail kit reviews are predominantly positive, and most customers claim they would buy it again.

  • Up to two weeks of wear
  • Cleanser pads aren’t drying
  • Glossy shine

  • Small LED lamp

SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit Review

Fastest Best Gel Nail Kit Home Use

  • Rating: 9.0
  • Includes: Primer, top and base coat, cleanser, polish, tools, wipes, LED lamp
  • Shades: Pink Chiffon
  • Dry time: 60 seconds
  • Shipping: Check Amazon Policy
  • Price: $21.23

If you’re looking for the fastest professional salon-ready nails from the comfort of your room, then the Sensational Gel Nail Polish Kit with a 2x faster improved LED lamp is for you.

You get 19 pieces of must-have tools and additional accessories for a chip-free, lasting look in each kit.

Based on countless SensatioNail Gel starter kit reviews, this kit will give you one of the longest-lasting manicures out there. We tested out these claims to make sure that it’s the real deal. In our case, the manicure lasted up to three weeks.

Another reason why this is a long-lasting kit is because the gel polish is thicker in consistency than standard polish.

Overall, our SensatioNail gel kit review is positive. We also loved the fact you get a powerful LED lamp, top coat, base coat, primer, tools, and a cleanser. So, you don’t need to do extra shopping.

Nevertheless, a few SensatioNail gel kit reviews complained that the nail colors are challenging to take off, and we noticed the same. On the bright side, this means that you’ll have perfect-looking nails for weeks.

  • Perfect manicure for weeks
  • Suitable for sensitive nails
  • Gel polish doesn’t fade

  • Colors are challenging to remove

How to Pick the Best At-Home Gel Nail Kit
— Buyer's Guide —

Are you aware that 49% of consumers are dependent on the recommendations of influencers? Before making a blind purchase, we still recommend doing thorough research. Fortunately, we have made this process easier with our detailed guide.

Here’s everything you need to know before buying an at-home gel nail kit.

Best At-Home Gel Manicure Kit Essential Supplies

For salon-level results, you’ll need a manicure kit that has all the essential tools and supplies. Luckily, all the kits featured in our reviews will give you gorgeous nails from your home. So, let’s see what you need to look out for when shopping for a gel nail kit.

UV or LED Lamp

Nail lamps are available in a variety of wattages, typically available from 12W and more. If you get higher-wattage lights, your nails will dry quicker and cure more efficiently.

When shopping for the best gel nail kit with LED light, consider the wattage. For instance, LED lamps can be as low as 12 watts for professional results, whereas UV lamps should be at least 20W.

Gel Polish

You’ll find LED and UV gel polishes on the market. The main difference between the two is how they react to the curing process. Your best bet is to choose a UV LED lamp with double-emitting beads because this way, it’ll cure any gel polish.

So, what is the best gel nail kit to buy? Well, we believe the best one comes with gel colors that speak to you. You’ll find gel nail kits with neutral shades and wilder tones like hot pink or red in our reviews. Alternatively, you can always purchase the gel colors separately.

Base and Top Coat

In your manicure routine, you should start with a base coat. The primary role of the base coat is to create a smooth, prepped surface for the color pigments to stick to, while a top coat will make your nail polish last longer.

So, the best gel nail kit to buy will come with a high-quality top coat to seal everything in place.

Prep and Wipe Solution

This formula includes a nail dehydrator and a finishing solution created to remove debris and oils from the nail plate.

The critical role of the solution is to ensure that the nail surface is spotless for the product to adhere to.

Likewise, prep and wipe will get rid of the stickiness typically associated with a cured gel nail polish as a final step.


Do gel nail kits work at home? They do if you have the right tools. The must-have tools in every top-quality at-home gel nail kit include a cuticle pusher, a file, and a buffer.

Speaking of which, preferably choose a 220 grit buffer. This way, you’ll get perfectly shaped nails every time.

What to Look for in the Best Professional Gel Nail Kit

In essence, you’ll want to look for a product that includes all the supplies mentioned beforehand. So, it has a LED/UV lamp, a variety of gel polishes, a top and a base coat, some prep and wipe solution, and tools.

Moreover, we always recommend skimming through the gel nail kit reviews to read about previous customer experiences. Luckily, we’ve tried and tested each product in our reviews, so you won’t need to do as much research.

Also, take note of the shipping and return policies, as well as current discounts and deals. Since Americans spend around $18,000 per year on non-essential items, money-saving tips are always welcome.


What is the best at-home gel nail kit?

There are many excellent gel nail kits for at-home use. Our personal favorites are CND, Gelish, ASP, Mylee, Gellen, Beetles, Sally Hansen, and the Le Mini Macaron. All of them come with incredible-quality gels and tools, and are suitable for pros and beginners

Are home gel nail kits worth it?

Yes, they are. Not only do you get to save bucks on visits to the salon, but you’ll perfect your beauty skills along the way. Also, once you realize how fun it is to do your nails at home, you probably won’t want to go to a salon again.

What should I look for when buying a gel nail kit?

You should always prioritize quality over price. Remember that if a gel nail kit is expensive, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s top quality. So, make sure to read our guide above for more information on what to look out for when shopping.

How do I get gel nails at home without a UV light?

There are some ways to do this without a UV or LED light.

For instance, you can get a non-UV gel polish, dip the nails in ice water, apply a drying agent, or even cure your nails in the sun’s rays.

However, a quality UV or LED light works best.

Is it worth doing gel nails at home?

As previously mentioned, yes, it’s worth it. If you don’t believe us, check out the countless satisfied user reviews and testimonials. People swear by at-home gel nail kits because they are effective, quick, and budget-friendly in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best at-home gel nail kit for various occasions and moods is not easy, but it can help you save quite a bit on manicure and pedicure costs. Not only that, but you’ll pick up a fun new skill that will keep you entertained for hours.

Most importantly, remember that you deserve to feel and look beautiful any time of the week.

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